Lidia Miś była gościem radia Via.

Lidia Miś spotkała się z czytelnikami w Opolu podczas 3. Festiwalu Książki.

Wyróżnienie Stowarzyszenia Wydawców Katolickich „FENIKS 2018” w kategorii „książka dla dzieci” za „Opowieści biblijne dziadzia Józefa NT IV” dla Lidii Miś.

Lidia Miś spotkała się z czytelnikami na Targach Wydawców Katolickich.

From the 4th March util the 6th March 2011 Lidia Miś took part in the Books Fair in Poznań. Her prize-winning book “ Grandpa’s Joseph’s Biblical Stories” delighted  in the big interests. The readers eagerly came to get her autograph and individual dedication in the book. The author got the opportunity to cover some important matters connected with the authority member and the scheme director of the Foundation ABCXII , with Ms Elżbieta  Olszewska.

01 marzec 2011

"Grandpa’s Joseph’s Biblical Stories"


It received the first place in the competition  for “The Best Book of the Year” – the internauts’ choice.





Whereas in the competition for “The Best Book for The Winter 2010” “Grandpa’s Joseph’s Biblical Stories“ received the distinction from the jury.



On the 20th September 2010 in Rzeszow

As part of the literary meetings in the theatre in Rzeszow the gathering with the author took place, which was devoted to her new book “ Grandpa’s Joseph’s Biblical Stories “, the whole meeting was organized by the publishing house DREAMS. 

Meeting with a writer Lidia Miś in Przemyśl

Asiais an eight-year girl. Once upon a time she decides to go for a walk ,she goes to the library and finds an amazing book called “Visiting the Witches”. When she starts reading, it turns out that the book is magic. Asia moves to the land where seven witches live. She must visit all of them….this is the beginning of a fairy tale written by Polish writer Lidia Miś.

On the 1st June The Polish Radio Rzeszow hosted the laurels of the 2nd interschool competition of the beauty Reading “ I will read to you” in every hour uncover they read the extracts from the book “ The Heart of the Forest “ of Lidia Mis- the story “ The Dragon and The Princesine” and “The Horn of the Unicorn”...

From the 27th April till the 30th April 2010Lidia Mis hold the series of the meetings.