Aktualności 8

From the 27th April till the 30th April 2010Lidia Mis hold the series of the meetings.

The author arrived to the Capital of the Lower Silesia for the invitation of children from the seven primary schools and the Public Library . During the meetings the author talked with readers about her passion .That's writing.

The participants had the possibilty to familiarize the ins and outs of the writing as well as ask the author some questions There was a lot of diffrent questions. The children wanted to know when she draws her inspiration, how long she writes an one book, about what will her new book is going to be about and whether she intends to write for the adults.

After the meetings she was mostly giving autographs , everyone wanted to get the individual dedication of the author in their favourite book.

The meeting with Lidia Miś elapsed in the nice and friendly atmosphere .